Grantham R.O.C.K

Rescue Of Cats & Kittens

Huge thanks to everyone that is still helping Cath with donations to help keep the cats safe.

We Still Have Our Food Donation Bin in the Kennel Gate Pet Shop

Cath Rowson runs Grantham ROCK cat rescue on her own, with the

help of a few dedicated volunteers

Below are just some of the things she needs to pay for to save the cats and kittens

Vet Bills

All cats are checked over by the vet and neutered before re-homing.

Cat Food

Keeping the cats fed properly can cost up to £3.00 to £4.00 a day.


New kitten pens and heating strips are always needed.

Telephone Bills

Cath's phone bill is a massive £130.00 a quarter on average.

Scratching Posts

Tall scratching trees are the best as they save space.

Contingency Fund

To ensure medical emergencies will receive veterinary attention.

Cats in shelter at a time

Tins of cat food a month

Neuter operations a year

So you can see that Cath and the

cats really need your help

Responsible Pet Ownership Is The Key

Having a pet, of any kind, is  serious commitment.  If you cannot love, afford and care properly for an animal for the
whole of its life then it is kinder not to keep one.

Neutering is an essential part of ownership.


Neutering Prolongs Life

Having a pet neutered will prevent it from suffering the stress and health side effects of being in season, mating, giving birth etc.  Thus helping them to live longer, healthier lives.

Neutering Prevents Disease

Cats who are driven to find mates with often fight and get injured.  They can catch terminal illnesses such as FIV & Leukaemia, which are passed to the mothers and kittens.

Neutering Saves Lives

Look at all the animal rescue centres there are, filled with sad cats.  Many end up being destroyed.  This wouldn’t be the case if pets did not produce unwanted litters.

We Cannot Stress Enough

How important it is to neuter your pets.

Not just cats but dogs and rabbits too!

Watch this video to see why un-neutered

cats are a big, sad problem.

Things Grantham R.O.C.K. Cat Rescue Needs,

Apart From People To Adopt A Cat!


Money is by far the most needed asset at Grantham ROCK.  Any amount will help and all of it is spent directly on the cats needs.

Cat Food

Grantham ROCK needs wet and dry cat food, the branded varieties like Whiskas, Felix, GoGat etc.  Collection bins in Morrisons & Kennel Gate.

Cat Bedding

The cats always need blankets and old towels.  We cannot use duvets, pillows or cushions though as they are not washable.

Each and every £ will help the cats directly