Help The Cats

There are several ways you can help the cats & kittens

Each cat that comes into Grantham ROCK cat rescue costs around £100.00 to re-home.  This cost is for making sure it is healthy, neutered, de-flea’d and wormed.  This DOES NOT even include feeding the cat during its stay.  Here’s how you can help Grantham ROCK:

Donating Money – this is the best type of donation because it means Cath can allocate it to be spent on what is critical at the time.  Please use the button to the right to donate securely via PayPal > > >

Donating Food – wet and dry cat food, the branded varieties like Whiskas, Felix, GoGat etc. are gratefully received.  They can be put in the collection bin in Kennel Gate, Morrisons, Oldrids Garden Centre at Downtown or left outside Cath’s front door.

Donating Supplies – Cath uses an awful lot of blankets and old towels, so if you have any please donate them by leaving outside the front door.   But please remember she cannot use duvets, pillows or cushions because they are not washable.

Donating Equipment – things like cat baskets and scratching posts are always welcome.

Donating Gifts – unwanted presents and other items that Cath can sell or raffle at events to raise funds .

Attend A Grantham ROCK Event – details of any forthcoming fund raising events are on the Events page.

Organise A Fund Raising Event – if you are able to do some fund raising for the cats yourself that would be fantastic!  There are some ideas on the Events page.  Please let Cath know so we can advertise your event on the website and social media.

Get Your Pets Neutered – if all pet owners did this then the number of homeless cats would reduce drastically.

Educate People – tell everyone you know how important it is to neuter their pets for the pets’ health as well as to reduce the number of unwanted animals.

Adopt A Cat Or Two – Of course this is the best thing you can do.  If you can give a cat a safe and loving home please contact Cath directly.  We are aiming to post about the cats that need homes. You may also keep an eye out for occasional articles in the Grantham Journal that feature cats needing homes.

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Each and every £ will help the cats directly

Grantham R.O.C.K. Always Needs Help To Pay For The Following:

Vet Bills

All cats are checked over by the vet and neutered before re-homing.

Cat Food

Keeping the cats fed properly can cost up to £3.00 to £4.00 a day.


New kitten pens and heating strips are always needed.

Telephone Bills

Cath's phone bill is a massive £130.00 a quarter on average.

Scratching Posts

Tall scratching trees are the best as they save space.

Contingency Fund

To ensure medical emergencies will receive veterinary attention.

Each and every £ will help the cats directly