Homeless Cats 03/02/18

The latest Homeless Cats 03/02/18 have all been neutered and are waiting to be adopted.  As you can see, from the photographs below, these are all adorable cats.  The photographs have kindly been taken for Cath by Ian Grundy.

If you can home any of them please contact Cath directly. All the cats that are re-homed are vet checked, neutered, wormed and given flea treatment. The new owners are encouraged to get the cats microchipped for their own safety.

The costs involved in getting a cat ready for re-homing are therefore high and all donations are very gratefully received.


CallieGinger TabbyMale2 yearsHe has been a house-cat with Holly and is very friendly. He is a semi long-hair and does not like dogs.YES 🙂
HollyTortoiseshellFemale2 yearsShe has been a house-cat with Callie but is quite shy at first and cannot be re-homed with dogs. She wouldn't sit still so there is no photograph of her.YES 🙂
SophieBlack & WhiteFemale1 yearShe is very friendly female cat but does not like dogs.YES 🙂
BelleWhite & BlackFemale6 monthsA very sweet natured cat who is the daughter of Sophie.​YES 🙂
MaddieDark TabbyFemale3-4 yearsMaddie is desperate for the right home. Ideally a home where she can be out and about so would suit a countryside home or a large garden. Not near roads, will mouse but needs proper feeding.YES 🙂
FlashBlack & WhiteMale8 monthsHe has been a house cat and is friendly but does not like dogs.YES 🙂

The Cats Listed Above

Homeless Cats 08/04/17

Each and every £ will help the cats directly


Grantham R.O.C.K. Always Needs Help To Pay For The Following:

Vet Bills

All cats are checked over by the vet and neutered before re-homing.

Cat Food

Keeping the cats fed properly can cost up to £3.00 to £4.00 a day.


New kitten pens and heating strips are always needed.

Telephone Bills

Cath's phone bill is a massive £130.00 a quarter on average.

Scratching Posts

Tall scratching trees are the best as they save space.

Contingency Fund

To ensure medical emergencies will receive veterinary attention.

Each and every £ will help the cats directly