Homeless Cats 10/09/17

The latest Homeless Cats 10/09/17 are a selection of males and females.

They have all been spayed and are waiting to be adopted.  As you can see, from the photographs below, these are all adorable cats.  The photographs have kindly been taken for Cath by Ian Grundy.

If you can home any of them please contact Cath directly.

All the cats that are re-homed are vet checked, neutered, wormed and given flea treatment. The new owners are encouraged to get the cats microchipped for their own safety.The costs involved in getting a cat ready for re-homing are therefore high and all donations are very gratefully received.

Name Colour Sex Age Notes Rehomed
Stella Tabby Female 10 months This loving cat will be better off as an only pet. She is also not keen on being picked up.  YES 🙂
Tilly Black Female 1 year Tilly is a special needs cat, see below
Kittens Black/Black & white M/F 7 months+ These are from the group of 26 rescued from a house, becoming litter trained. About 10 still need homes.  YES 🙂
Mums Black/Black & white Female 2-3 years These are from the group of 26 rescued from a house, very friendly. About 3 of them still need homes.
Smokie Tabby Female 7 years Another cat who is loving but doesn’t want to be handled too much.  YES 🙂
Willow Grey & White F/M 2 years She has a son of about 10 months and should ideally be kept together with him if possible. He is black and white.  YES 🙂
Rosie Black & white  YES 🙂
Hercules Tabby  YES 🙂
Samson Tabby  YES 🙂
Eli Black & white  YES 🙂
Lily Black & white  YES 🙂

The Named Cats Listed Above


The Abandoned Cats Rescued From A House


Tilly is an adorable, friendly and loving little cat.  She has been diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which means that ideally she should be an only cat so as not to pass it on.  The risk of passing FIV on is greatest in un-neutered, feral tom cats because they fight. A docile pet cat should be fine.  She is going to be re-tested soon just to confirm or not.

Cats with FIV live ‘normal’ lives and can reach a grand old age.  There is a risk that they can become poorly because their immune system can be weaker.  But any illness they succumb to is usually treatable though, just like any other cat.

Ideally Tilly needs a special home with someone who will assess the risk to herself and any other cats, possibly keeping her away from other cats as much as possible.  Her new owner must also be alert to any early signs of illness.  Tilly will need to see her vet straight away if there are any concerns.  This is the same for any cat though.

Sadly cats like Tilly get overlooked in rescue shelters because there are myths and confusion about cats with FIV.  The website catchat.org has a great page all about FIV that should help dispel peoples’ concerns.

She deserves a chance of a loving home and to make someone happy with her love.

Homeless Cats 08/04/17

Each and every £ will help the cats directly


Grantham R.O.C.K. Always Needs Help To Pay For The Following:

Vet Bills

All cats are checked over by the vet and neutered before re-homing.

Cat Food

Keeping the cats fed properly can cost up to £3.00 to £4.00 a day.


New kitten pens and heating strips are always needed.

Telephone Bills

Cath's phone bill is a massive £130.00 a quarter on average.

Scratching Posts

Tall scratching trees are the best as they save space.

Contingency Fund

To ensure medical emergencies will receive veterinary attention.

Each and every £ will help the cats directly