New Grantham ROCK Website

In an effort to raise awareness for the shelter VR Designs has built Grantham ROCK cat rescue its first website.

The website aims to:

  • let more people find out about the work of Cath Rowson
  • let anyone make donations online
  • let people know what else they can do to help Cath and the cats
  • highlight the benefits of neutering pets, including better health and longer lives

Even small donation amounts are gratefully received as they can soon add up if everyone gives a few pounds.

Vee of VR Designs said “I wanted to do something to help Cath and the cats so building and sponsoring a website seemed like the best thing I could do.”

“I have a rescue cat that I re-homed from the RSPCA in 2009.  She had been rescued from Grantham prior to that, so I assume she could well have been from Grantham ROCK.  I for one am very pleased that Cath does the work she does.  And as you can see from the picture she is a very pretty cat, very loving and happy too.”

Please help to spread the word using the social media links and let’s see if we can raise some serious money for Grantham ROCK.

The local press have been helpful by promoting the new site to their readers.







Each and every £ will help the cats directly


Grantham R.O.C.K. Always Needs Help To Pay For The Following:

Vet Bills

All cats are checked over by the vet and neutered before re-homing.

Cat Food

Keeping the cats fed properly can cost up to £3.00 to £4.00 a day.


New kitten pens and heating strips are always needed.

Telephone Bills

Cath's phone bill is a massive £130.00 a quarter on average.

Scratching Posts

Tall scratching trees are the best as they save space.

Contingency Fund

To ensure medical emergencies will receive veterinary attention.

Each and every £ will help the cats directly